Every church should in one way or another be open and reachable 24/7 all year around! If I’m coming to a city, in most cases everything is open, except the church.

    Mostly it says ”Welcome on Sunday 11.00”. Every day of the week in the rest of the city, I can eat something, I can have a cup of coffee, do different sports, do some shopping, see a movie. I can do almost everything, except be offered Christian fellowship.

    Because most churches are an inward thing, and are not serving the community, there is no need for the church to be open. If we can see that we should be a part of building up the society, then we have to be open and offer service all day. Instead of a small church building mostly used for preaching, worship and sunday school we can build a center. We need three things if we want to have fellowship with people more than three hours:
1. Serving food.
2. Having activities of all kind.
3. Accommodations.
If churches can think this way – we are going to have people going in and out all the time. Then the church can be a daily blessing to all people!

Pastor Christer Segerliv