“Everyone likes to walk in a nice garden, stand by the shore, see the sun rise or set over the water, walk in the green forest and be in a nice house.”

God did not create and put man in a junkyard. He put Adam and Eve in Eden. One of the meanings of Eden is the ”total fullfillment of the five senses”. There was no lack in Eden. They had everything they needed without working. They enjoyed their fellowship with God! Everywhere you go you can create an Eden! You can live in the total fulfillment of your five senses!

1. The eyesight: Everything was beautiful. God wants you to have nice things around you, indoors and outdoors, so that your soul prospers.

2. The smell: Make sure you have nice scents everywhere you are so that your soul prospers.

3. The hearing: You can listen to good and right words and good music so that your soul prospers.

4. The taste: Eat a variety of delicious and tasty food and drink good drinks so that your soul prospers.

5. The feeling/touch: Make sure that you have things around you that is pleasant to touch, so that your soul prospers.

Pastor Christer Segerliv