lassofirekarinjewsignadventurebikefghlosc dNEW BEGINNINGS! The possibility to give every child and person a new start, a new beginning in life! Kingdom Center Sweden and Lone Star Conference  centers Sponsoring program for arranging Camps for children, families and youth from Polen and Ucraine! kk hh

In july, we received a very big group with fosterfamilies, 198 people from Poland!
Those families are our heros and what They have done and do for those kids is totally amazing! We are so happy for the trust to arrange this huge camp with Norbert Palimaka ESPA foundation Poland, and it was a
13631632_785516688252589_2293688795735963468_n bfantastic!!! 10 days of adventure, dancing, visiting homes, ranches, swimming hall, activities, romantic evening only for the parents, cinema, adventures in forrest, canoing, beach,
bb ddBusfabriken play grounds, countryfests and lot more!
Big thanks to all our sponsors, without you it would be impossible!e