ADAM – Where are you? 

Can God find you?

In the Bible we read about how God was looking for Adam, after the fall of man. The all-knowing God knew Adam’s physical location, but He was missing the relationship with Adam.

Religion wants to take your focus away from Jesus and put it on traditions, rules and your own shortcomings.
Maybe you go around so focused on your sins and issues that you are not in a position to hear God. But God is more interested in who and where you are than in what you do. He wants to have a relationship with you! If you identify yourself as ”in Christ”, as a citizen of His Kingdom by grace, there is no greater title or identification in the world. No matter what title people will give you it will never be higher than being in Christ!

You don’t need to strive to become somebody. You already ARE somebody because Jesus has restored you!

You don’t work your way to the top, you start from the top!
God leads you through a relationship not through sacraments, laws or your own deeds. His ultimate plan was not that you should live by law, but by His unmerited grace and in fellowship with Him. You are one spirit with God. In Him we are already one with one another. In Him we are already part of a global church.

You don’t work to get something.
You receive what He has already given to you and then you work to manage and multiply it. He opens the doors and you walk through them.

Pastor Christer Segerliv