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Kingdom Center Sweden is a charismatic and evangelical Church family based in Southern Sweden (Höör, Skåne).
We meet every Saturday 13.00 – 15.00 for worship, sharing the word and fellowship in a relaxed setting. We call that Wild West Church.

Our Pastors

Pastor Christer and Helena Segerliv are passionate about encouraging people to step into the calling of God for their lives. They are both ministering in many different nations and stand as an example of how to build up a Church that is thinking “outside the box”.


Kingdom Center Sweden has many ministries and activities going on every week. Fun events, worship and Bible education  goes on every week for both youth and children, divided into age groups. We have music groups, dance groups, charity work, missions and much more.

The Center

Kingdom Center Sweden has a large 60 acres conference center in southern Sweden, with restaurants for 1200 people, a hotel, lots of exciting activities and excellent conference facilities. The whole center is decorated in Western style. Thousands of people visit the center every year for team building, church retreats, festivities etc.
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Our Team

We believe that everyone has a calling from God on their lives and are supposed to do the work of ministry. At Kingdom Center Sweden you meet people who are passionate about sharing God’s love and spreading the Kingdom of God wherever they go.

A Church functioning as a family!

Everyone longs for family, a place where they can find purpose, love, acceptance, grace and healing etc. When we accept Jesus’ Lordship in our lives and become born again, we enter into His family, the global body of Christ. As we become a part of His church, we become brothers and sisters with millions of people all over the world.
We want our local church to be a place where people feel at home, get their needs met and are challenged to meet the needs of others.

Encouraging the unique purpose of every individual!

We believe that God has a design and a blueprint for every person. We want to encourage everyone to use their talents and gifts to be ambassadors for the Kingdom of God wherever they are. We give people the opportunity to learn how to become leaders and have success in everything they do.

Youth Camps.

Every year we organize Youth Camps – life changing days for youths from all around the world. Please contact us for more info.

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